Tuesday, 22 March 2011

What I enjoyed most when making my thriller

What I most enjoyed was using the professional filming cameras, as i was the camera women mostly in our group.I found it very interesting trying to get the right position of the camera so that it gave me good angles on what I wanted filmed, also making sure there was enough lighting so that it created the right atmosphere of the shot I wanted. The lighting was important as it was the most iconic part that gave the right mood of how we wanted our film to be. for example our film is mainly in darkness, with only glimpse of light, trying to create a scary atmosphere.

 I also enjoyed editing and learned many new skills, however as there were loads of different applications on the software's I was using to edit I found it hard to remember were certain things was and some things i did not now how to do so had to come up with another idea of editing.

 Overall I found the experience of filming fun and creative, the group i was in was very good and we all shared ideas and compromised, we all had mainly set an area on what we would be doing when we were filming for example; one person would be filming, two people would be acting and someone will be directing and arranging lights. Although we did all participate and help out in each others roles.

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