Thursday, 17 March 2011

The problems with filming 'The Basement'

  • Not everyone was in, and sometimes it would be one of our lead actors or actress's so we couldn't film what we wanted, however we did not waste this time instead we used it to create scenes that didn't have characters playing in it. 
  • We were in the basement of our college and it was always difficult to find a time which suited us and the teachers, as to go down then we needed to be accompanied in case of health risks. 
  • The basement we used was often dirty and dusty which was ideal for the atmosphere we wanted to create but in return we got dust on our clothes and the equipment. 
  • getting props and outfits was also difficult because we had to make sure that the next time we came into to film that we had all the same clothes and the same props we was using as we filmed before otherwise the film would not come out realist enough. 
  • It was very cold in the basement, and because the clothes the actors had to were on set was not allot it made them feel cold that could of made them less motivated to continue filming however this was never the case.
  • Some shots required the actors to fall and pretend to be hurt, which could have some risks of being hurt although there were teachers there to make sure things like that didn't happen and that we were safe. 
  • When we used the equipment for filming the light for the camera often run out of battery this was frustrating because we was on the ground floor and the equipment room was on the 3rd so every time we wanted to get a new battery we would have to go to the 3rd floor which took time and energy we could have had time on filming.

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