Thursday, 3 March 2011

structure of thriller openings

In lesson we looked at different thriller openings and how they are different from one another. 
I found that their were 3 main different thriller openings each on featured. For example in 'The Stepfather' the title sequence ran all the way through the opening, accompanied by the filming of the 'Step father', it faded in and out - which created a spooky dramatic effect to the audience.  

'WHAT LIES BENEATH' showed a different kind of opening were the audience saw the title sequence through out the opening, it was a though the lettering was part of the water.- This created the idea that their was a mystery yet to discover that was in the water. 
This is similar to; 
  • Memento 
  • The Shining
Another kind of thriller openings was 'Se7en' which had its own unique style of title sequence, were the writing is in the style of the filming. 
There are different effects and fonts title sequences use normally to introduced to the audience the kind of film they will be watching. 

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