Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Short Film,

The task given was to create a short thriller film using different techniques that helped to build up tension and create a sense of anxiety.

We had to use 'Final Cut' the software that helps to edit clips. So first we had to import our short film from our memory card to our hardrive then import it to the desktop. Whilst editing we had to browse through all the clips we had and choose out of them which ones were better. Once we decided as a group we then had to place the ones we had chosen onto the time line using key 'I' at the begginning and key 'O' at the end to cut out the parts that didnt look realistic enough and just didnt fit in well.

Added to helping create  mass amount of tension we decided to play around with the effects available. We added in slow motion to increase the tension in the atmoshpere, placing it in our transition shot ( a change from one place, person or abjet to another, back and forth.

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