Thursday, 24 March 2011

Interview about paranormal activity

At lunch in college I decided to interview my friend Sophia on the film 'Paranormal Activity' and find out what certain things she found thrilling in the film.

I asked her the following;

  •  What's the most scariest part you found in Paranormal Activity? 
'At the end when her face comes into the screen, I was terrified because it came really unexpectedly and her face  looked possessed.'

  • What did you find interesting about the sound? 
The whole way through the film there was no music apart from the dialogue used by the actors and the noises of the creatures that you could not see, this made me feel even more on edge as because I didn't know what to expect.'
  • What did you find interesting about the story line? 
'The first Paranormal Activity was kind of plain Jane but the Second Paranormal Activity created interesting story and gave me a better understanding of the first Paranormal Activity.'
  • Did Paranormal Activity scar you for life? 
'Yes it did, it made me feel scared to be home alone and if I heard things fall randomly in my house it would make me feel nervous because it reminds me of some of the stuff from Paranormal Activity.'
  • Would you watch it again ?
'Yeah, I love watching horror films in cinema's' 

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