Thursday, 24 March 2011

How I Found Editing Our Thriller Title Sequence

After shooting our clips we decided to start editing in time for our deadline.
Through out most of our editing we decided to do it as a group but sometimes when we needed to get a big amount done we would split into two groups of twos. For example some doing editing and the other two doing the sound. We used Final cut and sound track pro. putting our film into sequence using 'i' and 'o' points. in and out cutting our clips to the length we wanted them. Also fading our many different clips onto each other so that it didn't look tacky and unrealistic. As well as editing we had to put in our soundtrack makin sure its all in sync. We used lots of different sounds overlapping them to create a better effect whilst watching the opening. From sounds of heavy breathing to suttle explosions.

Even though we've used these software before at times we found it difficult and frustrating due to the fact that theres so much to them.

Also another inconvienience in which we managed to overcome was our opening had to be 2minutes and at first we didnt have enough footage, however by adding in effects and some of our left over clips we managed to get our whole sequence upto 2minutes.

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