Thursday, 3 March 2011

Analysis / evaluation of prelim film

The idea of our prelim film was to have a clear start to begin making our short film. We used different props ( paper and jelly beans) with our props we could then take pictures using our digital camera of were we our actors to be on the live set.  After we had got our digital camera shots we then started to shot our short film, We first had to decide on the idea of the film, whether we was going to use lots of dialogue or a minimum amount. 

However as our group were the actors, we found it would be easier to just use a minimum amount of dialogue as we are not real actors although as we decided to not make a script we had to make up a conversation. After we had to decide on a room of were we wanted to do our filming. We decided to do it in the staffs kitchen as we thought this would be the ideal place, as most our sequence was in conversation. Although their were difficulties using this room because the teachers who use the staff room were coming in and out of the room which made it difficult to film. 

At first our whole group was not in, so it only left me and Zahra to start filming, this was tricky as we were both meant to act as well as film, so it was a case of switching from one person holding the camera to the other sitting,  It then became more difficult as in one sequence we both had to be in the shot however later on landry joined us so he was able to film us we were in character. 

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