Thursday, 7 April 2011

4/5 what kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? how would you attract/address your audience?

As our film is done on a student production, low budget we would have to distribute it as a independent film as we don't have enough money to afford a big mainstream production. To advertise my film i would have to use the internet as it is the best and cheapest source to advertise small independent films.

To attract an audience I would use the most common social network sites such as Facebook, twitter bebo extra, these social network sites are good for the fact that they will produce a mass audience  for the reason that a wide mass of the population use these social networking it allows all ages and genders to comment and rate the film so we will have a mixed review.

 There are many more varieties of social network sites that maybe useful for marketing such as vimeo youtube and bbc network which most students use to marketise their film, this sort of sites are used generally by small independent media productions because they are free use and to advertise your films and have a high response rate by the audience as most of these sites are popular within the population.
Here are some examples of independent films marketing on these sites;

They may use Youtube to advertise their film becuase there are many different applications that the audience can use to rate and comment on the thriller;
Also as youtube is used by a wide population it is more likely that they will get an audience for example; This opening sequence got 3, 516  votes of ( likes, 3 dislikes)
And as You Tube user's can share there views on the thriller, the maker of the film will be able to take notes and adjust to the film if there's any criticisms.  

(BBC network)

 I found this thriller opening on the BBC networking site, I haven't used used this site before but there are certain aspects to it that are different from You Tube and may be some reasons as to why this thriller was published on this site. some of the reasons may be because, this website is just targeted at films which may be better for the creator of the thriller clip because now they only have competition with viewing rates and rates with other films. There is also much more categorised and choices for you to choose from, so you can find an exact film you are looking for. This is an example of the site:

find a film


Sundot - The Strangers from Sundot on Vimeo.

Vimeo is an interesting site as it kind of like a combination between Youtube and BBC network. It almost uses similar aspects to the 'Sun online' as you get information about homing and different aspects of the work world. This website looks as though its targeted for a more older audience as it looks more formal and well structured. The person who published this thriller 'Strangers' may have done it because it has a separate page for every published video, and may give more  of an opportunity to show of the film, as you can write about it and have your own personal rating of the thriller itself, for example:

About this video

  • 640x36026.47MB
  • Uploaded Mon March 28, 2011
  • Please join or log in to download


Apr 7th100
Apr 6th200
Apr 5th200
Apr 4th300
Apr 3rd100
Apr 2nd400
Apr 1st900

Like these student thriller examples i found, our film has also been blogged, put on cinema screening which was viewed by all AS media groups from our college, Has been put on dvd and If we feel it is necessary we can publish it on Facebook.

However marketing our film onto these sites may be difficult, because of web competition. Many people who are also distributing their film of a independent, low budget and is a small production group, will be publishing their films onto these sites as well. And for this reason we will be at competition with the amount of ratings and viewings we get from audiences, as some people may prefer other thrillers to ours, which may result in a low response rate. To over come this we should publish our film on as much social networking and internet websites as possible.

Who would be the audience for your media product?

lily, 19,  loves to party hard without any fear. she is very intellectual and quick thinking which keeps her on top of every situtiation she has had to deal with. She is very open minded and doesn't take things to serious, as she has been working part time as a receptionist at a school for a year now where kids are always joking around. Sometimes she wishes that she could do more with her life and be able to become a actress or a singer, as she did this for her GSCE's a few years ago, but wasn't able to fulfil these because she had been looking after her sick mother and took off time for her to really push them subjects. Lily loves doing her hair and make up and only purchases the best products that are expensive for example MAC. She even does a few jobs helping out her sister who owns a nail shop in essex. Over all she is a kind, fun, smart and loving individual who loves her friends, family and boyfriend, she also loves her thriller-romance films.

In her bag she carries:


Watching my film at the cinema

Being at the cinema and being able to watch me and my groups film was a great experience. I was very anxious to see the response to what people thought of our film, positive and negative critisism.
I was intrigued by the great response we got after watching it the audience seamed to have taken a shinning to it. Which was pleasing.
Also watching all the other groups movies was a good experience. I got to see ideas i could of used if i had to re create my film. Everyones film was very good, some better than others. Its clear that everyone put effort into creating them with the many different ideas used.

What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

We were given the tutorial in order to know how to manage and use the cameras when it came to use being able to film our product, so we were capable and knew the different skillis there were to using the camera. We had to learn all the different shot types and practice with the jelly baby task we were given. Makin a short film but with a still camera taking different shots from different angles.
Live Type and Soundtrack Pro were two softwares we learned about. At first it was difficult understanding how to use them but once we explored it became more apparent on what we had to do. They helped contrubute to the sequence of our movie and the different sounds.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

The thriller film our group created, 'Basement' is a student and independent production with a low budget.
An independent film is a film that has been produced outside a major film studio It requires a different type of distribution because its independent,  so we would have to use sites on the internet for instance

  • Youtube 
  • vimeo 
  • bbc network 

 in order for us to market it and get it across to our target audiences with our low budget another idea being creating social network sites such as

  • FaceBook 
  • Twitter 

Whereas blockbuster movies are marketed all over

  • Tv 
  • Radio stations 
  • Bilboards
  • Posters

 due to the fact they have a higher budget and can afford to market their product that way.

Example of independent films openings. As thriller openings. 

Who would the audience be for your media product?

Micheal a young out going 21 year old. Loves watching all type's of movies from action, thrillers, and horrors. Likes going out with groups of friends and to the movies but also likes spending time at home with a takeaway glued to the Tv watching programmes, films and dvd's. Loves halloween and playing tricks on people.
His current occupation is working as a painter and decorator he likes going away with friends for the weekend in rural places.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

watching our film in the cinema

At first i didnt know what to expect, I had not seen other media groups films before and they havnt seen mine. I was interested to know whether the audience would enjoy our film or not and also whether they could get the idea and theme of what our films about. As our main aim was to make the audience feel on the edge of there seat and to build anxiety asthey didnt know what to expect next. However when our film did start the audience seemed intrigued as to know what our film was about and at the end there was a loud applaus which gave me the sense that it was a hit within the audience.

Most of the other films i watched from other media groups were really good and really drawed me in, some of them almost seemed perfessional... I got new ideas from watching all the films so if i was to remake the film we done i would use some of the good methods and camera shots used in the other films. Also looking at the different films i noticed some of them had the same idea as already made films, this interested me as i could see the link between the media groups films and the already made perfessional films. for example; in one of the i saw that they used the same style title sequenced used in 'Se7en'

Monday, 4 April 2011

Question 8) Prelim film to final film

These shots are the progression from our prelim shots onwards to our final film. We could see as a group that comparing our prelim film to our final film that there is a big improvement with use of sound, lighting and credits. 

This shot is too dark however our final film has more lighting. 

The mise and scene in this shot is not right, as too our final film we organised as to were we wanted our props to be.

in this shot the credits are not right, you don't have to show 'Staring', in our final film we just used the names of the cast individually.  

The font and layout is very basic and doesn't really go with the story of the prelim film, however in our final film we managed fit in the credits into the right places and use correct fonts in order for theme of our film to also show through the credits. 

Through out the time, from learning since the start of our course, we have progressed a lot being able to know what techniques to use, what not to do with the camera and also what we can do with the camera to get the best results that we need to get a clear and steady shot.

Question 7 : The different technologies we used on the process of constructing our project

Our script for this video. (That wasn't used because it was too long to add to the clip)

* We was also given a tutorial on how to use the cameras and the other equipment, after that we then had some practice rounds in order to improve our camera skills, we used a still camera to begin with used jelly babies to make a animatic movie using different shot types. We then went on to making various films using real people. Before we could start filming for out final film we had to first pitch our ideas of the film that was going to make  everyone in the class in order to persuade them that the film we was making was good enough to proceed, and they had to make a decision whether our film was worth making or needed more convincing ideas that it would be good.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Question 4&5: What kind of media institution night distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/adress your audience?

My film is a distibution of a independent, low budget, small student production.

When researching and analysing the different types of distribution i was able to see different examples of independent productions and main stream blockbusters. And have come to conclusions on how different the distribution is compared to each other.

Independent film production is basically a set filmed outside of a main film studio, and are made in low budgets as they are not helped because less than half of a film's financing should come from a major studio.

Main stream film production - A major film studio is a movie production and distribution company that releases a substantial number of films annually and consistently commands a significant share of box-office revenues in a given market

And from knowing this, it is clear to know that a main blockbuster movie would be able to advertise their trailers on all types of big productions for example TV and RADIO. However with a low budget you couldn't be able to advertise it on tv or radio' because of the low budget money given.
So with a low budget you would have to advertise and get it across to your target audiences through the internet, which could be anything from youtube to facebook.
Some more examples of ways independent films could advertise and attract their audiences:

  • Posters
  • Blogs
  • Making a special facebook just for the film
  • Facebook enabled
  • pop ups (on your schools website)
  • Msn
  • Google
  • Film festivals
social networking aswell:
  • twitter
  • facebook
video sharing sites
  • vimeo
  • youtube
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
All of these examples are internet based and most of them are free to use and promote. 

Youtube - i would say that this is one of the best ways to get promotion to be able to advertise it to particular target audiences from young to old as it is a tremendously popular site . Its also very good because you can read reviews from the audiences as they can rate, comment and subscribe.

Here is a example of a low budget film opening made by AS students.

This was uploaded on to the web through youtube and is great, for different people to vue.
And it could be promoted through different people to pass on. From this i can see that its a thriller and will be targeted to people who like and enjoy watching thrillers. 


Vimeo is quite different to youtube as you can search in the browser for what superficial type of video you want to view, and placed where different audiences can find it easier

bbc is also a world wide known site where lots of promotion can be made as well. Where lots of people can search and find interesting stuff, which i say could be any independent film.

With all of these ways of uploading different videos on to video sharing sites, it can be easy way to view what people are posting and creating each day. It can also bring fans closer as you don't have to wait ages for things to be uploaded and published. People can also maybe even subscribe to channels that the creator posts the videos on for quick viewing eg youtube. As well as that these video's can also be enabled on to other sites for example blogs, social networks and much more which is one of the best things for a independent film to target audiences and allow promotion

For our film, we decided to use one of these examples for different audiences to use which was our blog, it is a good thing for out target audience as we only wanted people from our college too be able to view it and give us different opinions on our film. We could of done a lot more advertising for it for example putting it on youtube, uploading it on disk or even putting it on another blog or networking site but i was happy with us just making sure we had it somewhere so it could be seen. One thing that defiantly worked for me though to get people to view it was telling my friends about it through networking sites, telling them to come and see it after class or at lunch times. 

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

More to character similarities of 'Halloween' and our film the 'basement'

More to the contrasts of characters played in my group film 'The Basement' and 'Halloween'

The mask in 'The Basement' is not fully covering his face therefore we can see that he is a young black man. He is wearing a navy blue top which may represent his youth whereas the character from Halloween is dressed in raggedy black clothes which gives the sense of old and warn out. I can capture more of a story with 'The basement' as I wonder as to why a young person would want to be a murderous villein. Also because he is  black wearing a white mask over his face, it could be symbolic for the history of black and white people.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Who would the audience for your media product

Jonah, 20 years old enjoys thrilling and exciting activities. He always takes risks in life and hopes to enjoy and experience every opportunity that is thrown at him. He is into sports, mechanics and watching thrilling films however his most ideal kind of films are action and horrors.
He works part time jobs to pay of his university debts, but he doesn't yet have a fixed idea of what he wants to do in the future however his real ambitions is to perform dangerous tasks like bungee jumping or sky diving. Jonah is not really interested in the world of fashion and prefers to feel comfortable in the clothes he wears rather than to show them of, his main clothes shops M&S, JD and Nikey town just for the fact that they sale sport gear most suited to the activities he does.

Similarities between characters in our thriller and another thriller.

Both this characters have similarities due to the fact they both use mask in order to disguise their identities. Leaving the audience to question who they really our. However the character from halloween doesn't give too much clues away, age and race, whereas in our thriller film its quite obvious. 

character from the film 'Halloween'
Character from our film the'Basement'

These two victims are both similar as they both are females, the costumes are similar with the bloody white top and the scared worried facial expressions. 

Our victim from the 'Basement' 

Victim from 'Halloween' 

Evaluation of 'Se7en' and our opening sequence

'Se7en' Screen shot of title sequence

Screen shots of our thriller 'Basement'

The screen shots of our thriller are similar to the opening title sequence of 'Se7en' because they both use dark lighting, a lot of dark shadows are used to distort images so that the audience are not sure of what they are seeing.

The extreme close ups allows the audience to try build a picture of the surroundings which is similar to 'Se7en' because they have ECU's of hands and objects in a room however due to the close up you have to build an idea of what the room looks like.

'Se7en' Screen shot of title sequence

Screen shots of our thriller 'Basement'

The screen shots of our thriller are similar to the opening title sequence of 'Se7en' because they both use dark lighting, a lot of dark shadows are used to distort images so that the audience are not sure of what they are seeing.

The extreme close ups allows the audience to try build a picture of the surroundings which is similar to 'Se7en' because they have ECU's of hands and objects in a room however due to the close up you have to build an idea of what the room looks like.