Thursday, 24 March 2011

3 examples of thriller suspense from The Stepfather

In class we had to watch the psychological thriller The step father and come to a conclusion of the seens we thought stood out to us most and the most intense atmoshere as a thriller. At the start of the film we could see the man was changing his identity. Shaving off his beard and wearing eye contacts. This for me was the most intense part. We knew nothing of the man, we didn't know the reason for his sudden change of appearance or the part he had to play.

The secound part was seeing the dead bodies around the house, and the fact  that he walked around them and the house as normal was a shock. It became quite clear to me that he had murdered the woman and her children and that he himself was infact a pyshcotic character. It made me think what was he reason for killing them?

The third part was when the location was set in the super market, you could see the convosation between him and the lady was going to lead to future romance.
When the scene was taken into the car park the tension built up. The audience response would be for the woman to stay away, but as she invites him out for lunch its clear that her and her family will be the next victim to his psychotic ways.

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