Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What costumes and props we used and why.

As our thriller is a psychological thriller we wanted to create to the audience a  dramatic and scary opening sequence. We thought of different ideas on how we could use props and costumes and how they would fit into our thriller. 

We decided to use for costumes; 
  • A white top with red paint on it, to pretend it is blood
  • A mask so that the murderous identity is not revealed, to build anxiety in the audience as the identity of the killer has not yet been revealed. 
For props we used; 
  • A knife that we also put blood on, gives the impression of a killing 
  • A single chair for which the victims would be placed. 
  • A tank of water, which was meant to give the impression that it was gasoline. 
  • Table 
  • We used a rope, which the actress playing the victim would be tied to the chair with. 

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