Thursday, 17 March 2011

Interview about 'Alien'

Interview on my mum on a thriller film that she finds most effective 'Alien'.

What do you like about Alien?
'At the time it was unique idea, and you didn't know what to expect. The technology at the time was fascinating for example the space ship.'

what was most thrilling about the film?
'They managed to create an environment that you could relate to, even though they were in a spaceship for example the alien was like a bug that you might have in room that moves to quickly, you cant catch it, you cant see it and you cant find out and therefore you cant relax.'

Did you find the film frighting?
'Yes it was tense through out and left an impact when you left the cinema.'

Did you like the sound?
'The sound was brilliant, the sound effects and the sound of the film helped complete the effect of the film for example being out in space or being alone.' 

By interviewing my mum it gave me a better understanding of what most attracts audience's and what they find is most effective from a thriller film. I can now interpret some ideas into my film and make sure that I some of these four aspects. 

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