Tuesday, 22 March 2011

difficulties with editing

In our group we all decided to edit together which was good in case of different ideas and points that could make our thriller better. 

But as there was a limit of time we could spend on editing it would have been more convenient to split up into twos so that two of us could be using match cut to put our film into the write order, cut in places using the 'I' and 'O' buttons and edit other aspects we wanted for example; the speed of one of our clips, or soundtrack pro were we can choose the sound we want to go with our thriller film and the other two to be using the live type to make our credits. 

There were other problems such as:
  • As there were loads of different applications on the software we was using, it was difficult to always remember how to edit certain things however from learning about how to use the different software's we now have better skills on how to use them. 
  • Sometimes saving was a hassle because we always had to remember to save everything from the memory stick to the computer then on to the hard-drive otherwise our work would be lost. 
  • As our group had all different ideas on how we wanted to edit our film, sometimes it was difficult to come to a quick discussion  however we were generally very respectful of each others ideas and would often compromise. 
  • We had to reach 2 minutes for our opening sequence which was sometimes difficult as we didn't have a lot of footage however we managed to get to the time we needed by making the clips longer and adding some special effects. 

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