Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Pitch

In order for me and my group to start filming our opening tittle sequence to our thriller film, we had to first get together and come up with an idea and plot of what and how we wanted our thriller to look like.
we first looked at the different sub genres of films and picked one we thought would suit the idea and make come across as more appealing. We choose to do a physcological thriller consisting of the typical villain and victim. We then had to think of the type of target audience our film would be aimed at and seen as we were planning on using goor and blood, we thought best to aim it at a matured audience who enjoy being puzzled and confused by the story line. 18+.

Before we could get down to actually filmin our film we also had to think of the location we would use, we had many ideas. We were thinking of using a member of our groups basement but then realised that wouldn't be pratical as not all the members are in close access of getting to the member house. Then we came up with using a cemetry but decided against it as it was ideal for us, we wanted a more secluded space.
We then thought of the colleges basement, we went to check it out to see if it was ideal for us and it was. It would help us create the most perfect atmosphere. However there were some down falls on this location, we had to have a member of staff with us whenever we needed to film therefore it had to be a time suitable for us and our teacher. Also the fact that we could only film in school hours which meant that over the half term we couldn't get any filming done. On the other hand it was the best place for all members of the group to meet up.

Once we had  decided on all of that we had to present our idea to the class and our teacher in order to recieve an approval.

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