Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Intro to editing

Editing our thriller film 

Before we started editing our film, we needed to decide as a group of what type of thriller we wanted the audience to capture, as ours was a psychological/horror thriller we bring that sort of genre to the editing in our film.

We began by saving all our clips to the hard drive to then importing them into final cut, looking through the clips we as a group had decide what order we wanted our clips in and how we were going to create a tense atmosphere for the way it was ordered. Thinking back to other films we had watched in lesson for example; 'Se7en' we tried to take that kind of approach to our film.

We liked the way it built up tension through the use of sound and lighting. In our film we wanted the audience to feel confused but also to build up there anxiety as they are interested to what the film is about. In editing we decided to jump back and forth between clips for example we had the first part of the story but then suddenly jumps into the middle part of the story so we get a contrast of the future and past. We wanted to look at the different kinds of effects we could use to the switch between each clip - we decided that the best and most suitable effect would be to fade in from one clip to another. however this was a ruff editing to our film, later we will be using much more to the finishing of our film.

We also wanted to look at the titles we could use for the credits and were we could position them on the clip. To do this there was a special title button on match cut that enabled us to write credits in any style we wanted however as we wasn't using live type pro- there wasn't as much applications to use although we might use it when we edit more next lesson. So looking at the title option in match cut there were different word fonts, colours and a size application of how big we wanted the the writing to be.

 After we choose the type of title we wanted we had to write in the box above of what we wanted it to say, after that there was another page to click on that enabled us to position were we wanted the writing to be also the use of tracking so it could follow the camera as it moves in the clip. After we done this we not had to drag it into the time line, we could either keep it separate to our clips or over lap it - we decided to overlap it. As a group we didn't get to try sound on our film so next lesson we plan to. 

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