Thursday, 24 March 2011

My Experience

Throughout my time creating our film clip there was a lot of hard work and time that needed to be put into our efforts, but i feel like i accomplished this very well and was able to make time to make this as good as it could be whether i had time or not. Also making sure i kept in contact with my groups specially Malika for example as we have worked together in classes before so i could always make plans with her, so we could do some extra filming or just discuss any problems we were having.

Sometimes i would think to myself: 
  1. Would be get all the equipment that we needed? 
  2. Would we as a group have time? since we all have different lesson times. 
  3. Could we rely on each other? 
  4. Or would we even finish editing?
But everything was able to be done easily as i made sure i put a lot of effort into creating this film clip. and it defiantly payed off. And was glad that everyone participated into creating the film, by either filming it directing it or even featuring in it.

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