Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Stepfather (3 egs of thriller suspense)

In lesson we watched a film called 'The Stepfather' this film is a psychological thriller. We had to decide on what scenes we felt most expressed the thriller atmosphere. I found that the most tense part for me was the start of the film. We did not know the story behind this man, all we could see was what shown on screen. It builds up tension for at first we got a glimpse of a normal man shaving his beard, but as the plot slowly unravels and the camera slowly moves at a slow pace following him around the house, we soon see that there has been a murder in the house and that this man is a psycho and could be reason for these killings.

Another part that was thrilling was when The 'Stepfather' approached a new family (in the supermarket), straight away we knew that he was planning another one of his dangerous plots to murder his family however as the family were oblivious to this it made me feel on edge as I knew something bad was going to come out of this situation.
Lastly I found the part I found thrilling was when the teenagers were looking through the psychos stepfathers stuff, and as the camera was taking snap shots from the house to the car in which the step father was in, we could see that he was getting closer to the house and that if the teenagers didn't move soon he would catch them. The music also brought tension as the sound slowly started to build up pace, this the audience another hint that he was getting closer to were the teenagers were.

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