Monday, 7 February 2011

Using Soundtrack Pro

  • When using Soundtrack pro we firstly had to import our video that we had edited and saved previously on film cut pro. 
  • Secondly we started looking through the different sounds of genres that would complement our video
  • We then dragged the music clips that we liked into the timeline under the video clip. we then played around with it, by editing the timing in which the clips came in and adjusted the volumes. 
  • After that we then saved our piece of work which was quite tricky because we didn't know exactly how to save it properly. But after some guidance we finally saved it by going to: 
  1. export 
  2. going into as media work
  3. naming it
  4. making sure we kept exported items selected as selected tracks, busses and submixs
  • Then we was done, and able to open it up on final cut

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