Monday, 7 February 2011

Live Type

Live type is basically a program used to edit and create credits for a film or any video clip, to inform and add character to the clip.

here you can edit the :

  • Fonts/ live fonts (used to create a styled text)
  • Textures ( to add texture to the fonts )
  • Objects ( adding background effects example moving ink )
  • Effects  ( adding creativity to the font )
As well as
  • Text
  • Style
  • Timing
  • Attributions 
With these effects you can get the perfect credit, therefore using animation to bring it to it to life using live font (moving fonts)

Steps to creating this:
  1. Go to description and type the text you want to broadcast
  2. You can select what text you want by looking through the menu, here i could choose live font
  3. After You can edit the effects and style 
  4. When its on the timeline make sure it is no longer then three seconds

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