Monday, 7 February 2011

Sound track pro

using 'Sound Track pro' we first had to import our short film, we could then search from different sounds and instrumentals. 

We choose from different genres for example; urban - which then matched with a list of different sounds i.e. drums. As our short film was aimed to be a thriller, we had to make sure the sounds added, created suspense within the audience. 

We than dragged our chosen sound onto the time line. At first we had just one sound, however we felt it would be more interesting and thrilling to overlap different sounds and change the time (by dragging it shorter or longer) and the speed- by doing this we had to make sure that the speed of sound and the time between each sequence was in rhythm to the dialogue through out the film. 
Lastly edited the volume of the sound so somethings were loader than others, for example; we wanted the dialogue to be loader than the sounds in the background. 

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