Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Genre 2009

1)  There  were  31 suspense films made in 2009.  There were 503 films made altogether in 2009.

2)  Action, animation and comedy are very popular and can attract a broad range of audiences, meaning it can also reach it's large targets world wide or in a certain county.

3)  Thrillers account for a low proportion of UK box office takings.(4%), because males aren't as interested as females are in Thrillers.  The promotion of these Thrillers in particular wasn't as strong as it should have been, to attract widespread attention.

4)  The Thriller audiences seem to be going towards more female than male.  But only by a small percentage, 
 ( not that far from horror. )  Which attracts both genders.

5)  Most of the age certificates for Thrillers are between 15-18.  Which appeals to under 18's.  Who are one of the largest targets to create successful  films and who dominate today's media around the world.

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