Sunday, 20 February 2011

The pitch

Before we could began to start are short film we first had to come up with a idea which would could then pitch in front of the class.
As a group we first looked at all the different sub genres of thrillers and decided which one we would most find exciting to do, we decided on a phycological thriller. Then we had to come up with a idea of what the story was going to be based on, we knew if it was a physcological thriller we would need a character who played this role. we also would need a victem - in return we will achieve a suspensful yet thrilling short film.

As their will be glor and sense of horror in our film, we wanted to have a target audience that were most into this kind of things - We thought about our film and then thought of the kind of personalities that would most suit it, with thought a person whom enjoyed glor and was good at solving puzzles. They would be 18+ and have an interest in plot making and be okay with the tense and suspensful atmosphere that our short film will bring.

We had to decide a location that we thought was practical but also fitted our ideal movie set to film. firstly we thought to use my basment however some members in the group did not live near me and we didnt think it would be easy enough for them to get their. then we thought of a cemetry but this did not fit the idea location we wanted, as we planned to shot our short film incide we then asked a teacher and found out that their was a basment in college college, we went down to check out the basment before deciding, and found that it was the best place possible as it gave us easy access and a more convient place for all members of the group to get to. 

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