Wednesday, 16 February 2011

How to use the cameras

In lesson we had a short tutorial of how to use the cameras, These cameras are used for professionally filming in films therefore their were more advanced technology and required a lot more skills.
In our groups we were handed one camera. We then had to learn how to put the stand up, making sure that each 'leg' of the stand was levelled with the other 'Leg' reassuring that the camera was in a steady position.
Learning how to use the camera's was the tricky part- as their were much more buttons on the camera then say a digital camera would have.

The applications on the camera we used.

  • Rec 'Button' 
  • middle button to access our film clips.

The Most Used Buttons

When you pick up a typical camcorder and put your hand into the strap, your fingers should automatically fall near the most frequently used buttons. This includes the power switch, the record button and zoom control, which is often a rocker switch or a slider. The power button might also include a small tab that has to be depressed as well, which makes it harder to accidentally turn the camera off or on. With very few exceptions, the record button will be under your thumb on the right side of the camcorder. Yes, most cameras do indeed favor righties. (But lefties are favored in a different way, more on that later.) Sometimes, you'll find a review button close by the record button. This lets you rewind and review a few seconds of what you just shot without leaving the recording mode. The power button switch frequently lets you select from a few modes as well. Besides recording to tape, you may also be able to shoot still images in another mode, which may be marked "memory" as opposed to "tape" for video. Of course you'll also want to switch the camera into playback mode to view your video. The back of the camera is usually where the battery pack lies flush with the camera body. Look for a small button that you push in to release the battery for recharging it away from the camera.
Many professional camcorders have removable lenses, but almost all consumer models have a permanently attached zoom lenses. Usually there's a rocker button or tab that you push one way or the other to zoom in or out.

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