Monday, 21 February 2011

Pitch (location)

For our pitch we had to make sure that we discussed everything, and made sure that we each had something to do so we could equally be apart of the pitch.
First of all we had a list of what to include in out pitch, and we each chose which one we would do and present in the class. For me i picked to chose our location, but before we came to our conclusion we had thoughts on filming outside of college either at one of our old schools or at Malika's house. We decided not to do it at one of our schools because they were being done up and we didn't want to do it at Malika's because the other two members of the group live to far away. We then came to the decision to use the colleges basement as we thought it would be a perfect location because it was very dark, damp looking and quite scary. 
To confirm it we had to ask one of the technician to see if we could use it, after that we had to inform our teacher so she could write a medical and safety not for us.

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