Monday, 7 February 2011

Live type

We used live type to add credits to our film. There four main features, fonts- which can change the style of lettering, Textures- that are stylised backgrounds, effects which can make the text come alive. There is an application called 'live fonts' which similar to 'effects' however it is more graphic. 

After we choose our live type applications, we then edited how long we wanted each sequence to last for , we made each sequence 3 seconds long, this is because we were told it is the 'normal' time credits should last for. 

Lastly we had to export all our live type work into final cut, matching it up it with our short film- we then had to arrange and decide were we wanted our credits to be, insuring that it flowed well with the short film. For example;  it wouldn't seem right to put the credits in the middle of the film rather the beginning or end.  

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