Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The differences between the animatic and the final outcome

For the animatic story board it was very fun to create and set up, as we had to opportunity to use our own manual skills. I loved the fact that we could use our own mini props to make a short clip and tell a story through it.  I found this a lot easier to do, and enjoyed editing / putting the images together. However when having to produce our final clip it was a lot harder because of the use of equipment and techniques that we had to use.

For example when filming the clip we had to remember how to set it up, which i sometimes forget how to. Another problem was the lighting that we had trouble with as the lighting was very dark, but we after got it sorted out by pressing one of the buttons on the site of the video recorder that brightened it.
Before (dark)
After (light)

We also had to do acting which made it sometimes difficult because i didn't know how to show certain expressions that we wanted. But after i think it turnt out great, as we made sure that we had as many tiny clips as posible to use incase one didn't fit into another.

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