Monday, 21 February 2011

My review of 'Salt'

In my own time I watched a film called 'Salt' it is a action thriller staring Angelina Joli, this movie interested as it always 'kept the audience wanting to know more', as the plot thickned so did the story behind the characters for example the audienced assumed Angelia Joli was an innocent CIA officier, later discovering that she was a russian spy and had been planning an assenation on the the russian presidant.

The most thrilling part of the movie was that it always made the expected, unexpected. And always left me on the edge of my seat, thinking that i knew the plot- but i didnt.
 The film ended with a clif hanger which made it even more exciting as now i was clueless to the outcome of the story and wanting to know what happend at the end. However now 'Salt' has drawed me in and left a cliff hanger, I am sure their will be a 'Salt 2' that i will i will be watching.

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