Monday, 14 February 2011

My Movie experience

Yesterday afternoon i was flicking through the channels and came across step up 2 which was showing on itv2.
I thought i would discuss this because of the typical use of non digetic sounds that was presented to compliment certain scenes. for example the kiss scene that is at the end of the film really helps bring the scene to life by adding soft strings and a bit of piano in the backing (soundtrack). Without the backing the scene it would be less intriguing , and would not give it the right sort of atmosphere to carry the scene off.
With this i also realised that i didn't even need to watch my screen too see that it was a romantic scene, addressing this i actually asked my parent if i was correct, which i was.

I decided to add this too my blog because it just interested me and made me wonder why it makes a such a impact if you dont use the right music for the right scenes.

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