Monday, 14 February 2011

Jelly Babies - Animatic Story Board

Before creating our final story board we decided to use a animatic story board to see how it would turn out, to be able to see and observe it in real life. This went really well and the results turnt out great, even though there was a few difficulties while taking the images, as the photos came out very blurry and unclear however with luck i was able to fix this and the images came out perfect and crisp.

For our animatic story board we decided to make it as simple as posible using shots such as; over the should shot, birds eye view and the 180% rule

Steps to creating our animatic story board,

  1. Got out our jelly babies (our main object)
  2. Got some Paper
  3. We then had to draw on the paper to create two sofas which was going to be our prop for the jelly babies.
  4. After we had to discuss and plan what we wanted the story to be based on 
  5. We then decided what shots we wanted to use 
  6. Finally we took the shots and we was done  
                                             Jelly Babies - Animatic Story Board - Video

Some pictures that we didn't use because of the bad quality, (The first set of shots that i didn't like)

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