Monday, 21 February 2011

Colouring And Editing

One thing that i love to do is look for new editing techniques and edits to use and test for certain images, i also know that a lot of professionals do this so they can produce high standard  advertisement and posters or any internet based work.

One really nice edit that i across was this : 

I really like it because of the colouring and pattern technique that is used to create quite a dark and gloomy atmosphere. This reminds me of the harry potter poster which has also used this, by giving it a dark or gloomy pattern as if its layering over them.

I tried this myself by adding both techniques and this what my one came out as.

Here i just got the original image of the girl and put another image over it which was of lots of fast moving lights. I then got a pattern PSD to put on top of it, to give it a medal like texture.

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