Friday, 21 January 2011

short film

The aim of this project was to create a sense of tension and build anxiety within the audience. As a group we had to work together in order to create a short film thriller. 

In this lesson we learnt how to edit our short films. There were many different aspects to look at, for example; one scene fitting in with another or if the focus of our group member's acting was clear. However since we filmed in college, it was hard to get the footage we wanted. This was because students in college were walking in between shots - when rather we would prefer a clean shot of just one of our group members. 

In our next lesson we used mac computers and the software 'final cut'- we used it to edit our short film. However, before we put our film onto the computer we needed a hard-drive, our group memory card, from the camera, and a memory stick, to import our group work onto the desktop. Once we did this we could start editing our film. 

As a group we first watched all of the clips and chose which clips worked best together. We then dragged it onto the time line. As some of the clips jumped in places, which did not look realist, we therefore had to use the 'I' and 'O' buttons to cut out these places. 

Some parts of the clips had extra bits that were not required, to change this we dragged the 'i' or 'out' closer together. Once this was done, we all decided to create a more tense atmosphere. We used a slow motion effect - we used this effect to jump back and forth from the camera's perspective to the person who was acting perspective. To create a more thrilling sequence, as the person acting was not to know the camera was coming up behind them.
We also learnt new words for example: 'Transition' which is a change from one place or subject to another.

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