Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Lord Of the rings poster evaluation

The font of ‘Lord of the Rings’ is quite bold and  is written in a roman style, straight away you are drawn to the title of the film.

Like The mummy’ there’s a theme of colour however the title is brighter which may suggest that it’s important for the audience to know the title as much as the characters shown.Comparing this to ‘The Mummy’ we can see that ‘The lord of the Rings’ choose to show their characters however ‘The Mummy’ does not, and as the title is beneath the actors it could be because – the actors are more important than the film title, they might reach out to a bigger audience than the title would.

There is a lot of detail and I can tell from looking at this picture that it is set in the historic times; also the amount of detail might be there to insinuate a sense of adventure and a story yet to be told. The scheme of colours and the way everything is spread out kind of give the idea that the characters are at war, as I can see thick mist over army which gives a hint of good and evil. 

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