Monday, 24 January 2011


when creating a title sequence its quite important that the Font used is well thought through and has relevance to the film.
The font used in the film "PEARL HARBOR" is 'PLATINO'.  Its a very simple straight forward font, clear and spaced out the image used is not modern which mean it has comparison to the font which was initially realeased in 1948.

The font used in "PEARL HARBOUR" is much smaller and less outstanding that the font used in this film "ROCKY". ROCKY uses the 'FRANKLIN GOTHIC HEAVY' font i believe this was chosen in comparison to the actor in this movie. It's big, bold, black and heavy which makes it more outstanding to the audience and is likewise a perfect discription of the character. Also the fact that its not clouded with so much detail its nice and simple makes it so much more appealing. 

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