Monday, 10 January 2011


Intertextuality is when you take certain elements of visual effects from another film for inspirations, for example mise-on-scene, camera shots, sounds (diegetic and non-diegetic) and methods of editing.

firstly i had to watch a clip from "Phycho" to look at the all the different aspects of the visual styles. After when watching and analysing other certain thriller clips, i noticed various similarities which contributed with different intertextuality.

The first clip that i watched was "fatal attraction", this defiantly had some of the same elements with uses of mise-en-scene, which had the white bathroom and even some other rooms. it also had a simular editing technique with the use of shadows adding suspension. i think this clip is very tense as we dont really see anything to the extend of gore as well as the other clip "succubus"only until the end shots . Another dominant aspect of the clip is the "The Stepfather" for example it use's a shiny knife which gives us an idea of the storyline. I also noticed the backing sound which used a high pitched violine in "what lies beneath" and "succubus" (however also used drumming) when stabbing. they also used diegetic sounds with the running taps in "fatal attraction" and "what lies beneath".

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