Saturday, 29 January 2011

Cinema audiences

There were 31 suspense films released in 2009. 'Action, animation and comedy account for 52% of box office in 2009' the reason I think these genre's are so popular is because they appeal to a wider audience then other genres do. Technology has advanced making the world of animation and action have come more alive and more exciting for the audience's to watch. Having said that, comedy films are as popular however they need less use of high technology rather its more about the star quality played in the film. As most viewers know comedy films are at best when there is good actors acting.

Thrillers in 2009 accounted for quite a low proportion of UK's box office takings, this may be because thrillers have all the same desire, to keep the audiences anxiety high. A thriller should always have a story line that's unexpected, this will promote a bigger more exciting experience for the audience's however a lot of thrillers have been let down for the lack of originality and for this reason thrillers have become much more predictable.

Looking at 'genre by genre' on the teaching blog, I can see that there are different audience's for different sub genres of films. Romance, period and suspense have target audience of female viewers and crime,action and sci-fi have an target audience of male viewers however comedy and horror have an audience of both women and men. From seeing the age certificate given for the films feature on the teaching blog, there is an target audience for age as well as gender, All the films have been given a certificate 15 or over this may be because thriller's appeal to a more mature audience given the fact that thrillers can be tense and stressful which a younger audience wouldn't appeal to.

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