Monday, 10 January 2011


Intertextuality is when an director borrows certain aspects from another movie and uses it in there film. for student work we looked at four different clips of films and what different aspects used, were similar in each movie.

I found the clips interesting for the fact that they had a similar themes; The continues sound of running taps, the shiny knife and the use of camera angles to create a more tense atmosphere. For example in 'what lies beneath' theres is a slow pace panning shot of the 'women in the bath' this is similar to 'Fatal Attraction' which also use's camera angles in a slow pace manner however the camera shot is zooming out of her face rather than panning in.

Another example is the props used, nearly in all of the clips there was use of - the shiny knife and shower curtains, for example in the 'Step father' a kitchen knife is used by the 'villain' which later backfires resolving in him falling into the bath yanking on the shower curtains. this is similar to succubus as there is also a knife used by the 'villian'

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