Thursday, 20 January 2011


The movie 'Seven' is openend with a discrete title sequence we know this by the way the opening of the film does not relate to the rest of the opening sene in the film, which leave us the audience in confusion of what is going to happen next throughout the rest of the film.

there is nop narration to being the story or give the audience a hint of what is going on, extreme close up of objects such as fingernails, newspaper prints, photography, film strip, scissors and razor blades, all there extreme close up of there objects create a distorted image in our mind and keep us wondering of what sort of person is using them. A psychotic theme is built in our mind due to the graphic nature of the title sequence, we get an impression the the person shown using the objects may have some sort of psychopathic problem, chilling music is also played in the background to create a distorted effect on the audience . 
the title sequence is then left on a cliff hanger as sene change to a man a woman sleeping in a bed, the music in the background also changes to a much more clamer and mellow sound.      

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