Tuesday, 5 April 2011

watching our film in the cinema

At first i didnt know what to expect, I had not seen other media groups films before and they havnt seen mine. I was interested to know whether the audience would enjoy our film or not and also whether they could get the idea and theme of what our films about. As our main aim was to make the audience feel on the edge of there seat and to build anxiety asthey didnt know what to expect next. However when our film did start the audience seemed intrigued as to know what our film was about and at the end there was a loud applaus which gave me the sense that it was a hit within the audience.

Most of the other films i watched from other media groups were really good and really drawed me in, some of them almost seemed perfessional... I got new ideas from watching all the films so if i was to remake the film we done i would use some of the good methods and camera shots used in the other films. Also looking at the different films i noticed some of them had the same idea as already made films, this interested me as i could see the link between the media groups films and the already made perfessional films. for example; in one of the i saw that they used the same style title sequenced used in 'Se7en'

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