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4/5 what kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? how would you attract/address your audience?

As our film is done on a student production, low budget we would have to distribute it as a independent film as we don't have enough money to afford a big mainstream production. To advertise my film i would have to use the internet as it is the best and cheapest source to advertise small independent films.

To attract an audience I would use the most common social network sites such as Facebook, twitter bebo extra, these social network sites are good for the fact that they will produce a mass audience  for the reason that a wide mass of the population use these social networking it allows all ages and genders to comment and rate the film so we will have a mixed review.

 There are many more varieties of social network sites that maybe useful for marketing such as vimeo youtube and bbc network which most students use to marketise their film, this sort of sites are used generally by small independent media productions because they are free use and to advertise your films and have a high response rate by the audience as most of these sites are popular within the population.
Here are some examples of independent films marketing on these sites;

They may use Youtube to advertise their film becuase there are many different applications that the audience can use to rate and comment on the thriller;
Also as youtube is used by a wide population it is more likely that they will get an audience for example; This opening sequence got 3, 516  votes of ( likes, 3 dislikes)
And as You Tube user's can share there views on the thriller, the maker of the film will be able to take notes and adjust to the film if there's any criticisms.  

(BBC network)

 I found this thriller opening on the BBC networking site, I haven't used used this site before but there are certain aspects to it that are different from You Tube and may be some reasons as to why this thriller was published on this site. some of the reasons may be because, this website is just targeted at films which may be better for the creator of the thriller clip because now they only have competition with viewing rates and rates with other films. There is also much more categorised and choices for you to choose from, so you can find an exact film you are looking for. This is an example of the site:

find a film


Sundot - The Strangers from Sundot on Vimeo.

Vimeo is an interesting site as it kind of like a combination between Youtube and BBC network. It almost uses similar aspects to the 'Sun online' as you get information about homing and different aspects of the work world. This website looks as though its targeted for a more older audience as it looks more formal and well structured. The person who published this thriller 'Strangers' may have done it because it has a separate page for every published video, and may give more  of an opportunity to show of the film, as you can write about it and have your own personal rating of the thriller itself, for example:

About this video

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Apr 7th100
Apr 6th200
Apr 5th200
Apr 4th300
Apr 3rd100
Apr 2nd400
Apr 1st900

Like these student thriller examples i found, our film has also been blogged, put on cinema screening which was viewed by all AS media groups from our college, Has been put on dvd and If we feel it is necessary we can publish it on Facebook.

However marketing our film onto these sites may be difficult, because of web competition. Many people who are also distributing their film of a independent, low budget and is a small production group, will be publishing their films onto these sites as well. And for this reason we will be at competition with the amount of ratings and viewings we get from audiences, as some people may prefer other thrillers to ours, which may result in a low response rate. To over come this we should publish our film on as much social networking and internet websites as possible.

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