Monday, 4 April 2011

Question 8) Prelim film to final film

These shots are the progression from our prelim shots onwards to our final film. We could see as a group that comparing our prelim film to our final film that there is a big improvement with use of sound, lighting and credits. 

This shot is too dark however our final film has more lighting. 

The mise and scene in this shot is not right, as too our final film we organised as to were we wanted our props to be.

in this shot the credits are not right, you don't have to show 'Staring', in our final film we just used the names of the cast individually.  

The font and layout is very basic and doesn't really go with the story of the prelim film, however in our final film we managed fit in the credits into the right places and use correct fonts in order for theme of our film to also show through the credits. 

Through out the time, from learning since the start of our course, we have progressed a lot being able to know what techniques to use, what not to do with the camera and also what we can do with the camera to get the best results that we need to get a clear and steady shot.

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